Managed Care Programs

Managed Care Programs where health records, services, and interventions are designed around employee needs with impact dashboards.

Unlike traditional programs that focus on health checkups, takes time and costs money, Our approach is to save time for employees, augment doctor consultations with coaching, monitoring and follow-ups to improve outcomes.

Wellness Programs & E-Consults

Programs for managing wellness goals, connect with top doctors, counselors, dietcians online to discuss and acheive goals or address health queries and concerns. This alone saves significant time for employees -- 2 to 3 hrs of lost time, productivity for a consultation vs. convenience of office/home and saving travel time and costs.

Workplace Health Trends


Managed care programs for corporate and insurance providers focuses on augmenting the traditional healthcare ecosystem with an integrated advisory approach. The 3 core pillars of the program need to work hand-in-hand to provide a delightful experience.

Managed Care for Corporates

Technology – that is simple and consolidates all aspects of managing my health condition from storing health record, getting tips, news related to my condition to booking labs/tests and connecting with the doctor via Chat/Video

Processes – Care manager who can be a virtual coach with a well-defined program structure to cover education, health progress, collect feedback and help schedule labs and consultations

Services – Combine a suite of services with choice of service providers that can all be managed seamlessly along with data transferred between the providers and the managed care applications

The program allows personalization based on health condition and employee interests. It connects the Personal Health Record, lab reports, employee progress and interventions into a pervasive interface available to employee, their family and care givers.

Measurement & Benefits

MedCall platform provides for detailed dashboard for different stakeholders - Employee & their family, Insurance organization and Corporates to track impact and outcomes of the program.

Managed Care Dashboards

Some of the benefits that corporates and insurance can acheive with managed care:

Corporate team can administer surveys to understand employee feedback and program impact.

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