Student 360° Wellbeing Program

There are several factors that contribute to Student overall development including good health and wellness, managing social and emotional issues. These play a very important role in their academic performance and their growth.

MedCall student program is built by a panel of doctors, psychologists, technologists with deep understanding and empathy to solve health wellness issues. It is designed for today’s generation using a combination of technology and face-to-face coaching. Best of all - it is FREE for institutions to adopt.

Students have to cope with multiple challenges around them - from peer pressures to academic challenges. But they typically lack the resiliency skills and maturity to handle many of these challenges resulting in depression, mental and physical issues and lost productivity.

Most educational institutions in developed countries have structured programs around student wellbeing, coaching and overall development.

A structured program will help build resiliency skills to cope with these challenges while providing an avenue to safely and securely discuss their situations with experts - doctors and counselors to seek advice and help solve problems effectively.

MedCall student wellbeing program is designed just for that - It helps in building these core skills and provide guidance and improved access to experts. The program covers the following aspects:

The program works through a combination of messages, fun activities, reminders, videos from experts and case studies. It also provides quick and easy access to verified and qualified counsellors for personalized attention and problem solving.

Key benefits


Online Consultations with top doctors, counselors is available for students and their family members at discounted prices. This will typically augment resident medical officers and clinics present in your campus and will quickly give access to experts to resolve issues. This is designed to save time and costs for students and the institution.


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