Deliver Superior Patient Care

MedCall helps you deliver superior care to your patients while increasing your revenues. MedCall Patient Engagement platform helps you deliver a suite of services like Post-discharge care, Chronic care management program, Mobile apps and patient convenience tools to enhance quality of care and health outcomes.

Online Consultation & Second Opinions

Partner with MedCall to offer online consultation (E-Consult) and online Second Opinions to patients worldwide to increase revenues and broaden your reach. Get your listing on the website as well as promote these services in your hospital and marketing channels.

Solution Highlights

  • No investment model to deliver superior care and add revenue
  • Patients purchase services for a fee and revenue is shared between doctor/hospital
  • Guaranteed to delight patients

Problems MedCall Addresses

For Patients

  • Lack of access to information during post-discharge and chronic condition management
  • Difficulty remembering schedules for tests, disgnostics or even simple matters like immunization schedules
  • Lack of easy access to doctors for follow-up queries, concerns. Regular appointments is a 2-4 hr investment

For Doctors

  • Insufficient time available to explain to patients (difficult to repeat all information)
  • How to efficiently handle queries and follow-ups - Patients try to call and get frustrated when they can’t get through
  • Increase patient flow and practice area outside traditional base

Patient Engagement and Care Management

Simple and elegant mobile based solution that works for all mobiles (Smartphones and regular phones). Suite of services based on need and utilization in a pay-for-value model

Key benefits:

Start with no investment and Delight patients!! Contact us to get started.


Dr. Praveen Basanagouder

MedCall is an innovative new technology that has added value to my practice very quickly. My staff find it easy to use and tailored perfectly for my small practice. What's more - my patients are really happy!

Dr. Pradeep Kumar, MD Brookefield Hospital

MedCall is an innovative company that has improved our hospital's ability to serve patients - from online appointments to tracking and follow-ups for our patient health. This has certainly improved the hospital inflow and patient satisfaction.


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