Product Focus

MedCall is committed to innovating in the area of mobile based Patient Engagement and Care Management solutions. Our products act as a bridge between doctors/hospitals and patients to improve access to healthcare and provide right information at the right time to improve patient health outcomes.

Since we serve a diverse population of users - our mantra is to build usable software that everyone can use and benefit from with no training.

Care Plan Library

Purpose-built care plan library covering over 150 conditions that include curated content, videos along with carefully selected tasks, messages and follow-ups for patients. This library is based on years of research materials from PROMIS (Patient Reported Outcomes Management System), SHM and Project RED. Read more

Our products are designed as multi-tenant, software services that can be enabled on any device - a feature phone (via text messaging), smartphones, tablets (via Apps) and via Browser on any device. The apps have separate interface and logins for patients, doctors, administrators to effectively manage the system.

MedCall Member Apps

MedCall member interface is available via text messages, Android/iOS Apps and as patient portal on browser. It enables users to:

Member Mobile Apps

Patient Mobile App Patient Mobile App Patient Mobile App Patient Mobile App

Member web app (Portal)

Patient Mobile

Member benefits

Healthcare CRM Platform

MedCall member apps can be used by hospitals and corporates to improve member health, manage post-discharge care or simply to promote wellness programs in the case of corporate customers. On the backend MedCall has a robust CRM (Relationship Management) platform to understand user behaviors, track business impact and execute marketing campaigns.

Some of the key capabilities of the platform include:

CRM Dashboard

Hospital / Corporate Dashboard

MedCall Doctor App

Smarter healthcare for doctors - Use the app (currently available for registered doctors only) to:

Doctor App

Doctor Mobile App Dashboard Member Details in Doctor App E-Consult Detail View in Doctor App Online Video E-Consult in Doctor App

Doctor benefits

Care Plan Library

Each care plan has following parts -

Following these care plans will enable yu to keep tabs on your recovery and health goals and also provide your doctor with data to fine-tune their medication.

The extensive library covers most common chronic and post-discharge conditions. They include:

Others specialities include ENT, Urology, Pulmonology, Skin/Dermatology and Cosmetics.